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Motivational Monday

Wakdanda Culture and Color: Production & Costume Design Chat with Hannah Beachler & Ruth E. Carter

There is no way that you’re living on planet earth and by now, you don’t know the history that Black Panther is currently making. I got to take the family to see the film on Friday and it was just as amazing as the first time, if not more. I was able to pick up on more things and hear more lines that I missed the first time around. The Wakanda culture is real, and it comes alive on screen…

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Be the “World’s Best Mom” with These Black Panther Toys & Products #BlackPantherEvent

TODAY IS THE DAAAAAAYYYYYYY! Black Panther is officially out in theaters everywhere! Seriously, I follow someone on Instagram in Kenya, and she posted a photo of her at the movie theaters. I cannot believe the countdown is over. But the fun is just beginning. This post is all about the Black Panther toys and products. We got to see a showcase of most of the products while in LA for the Black Panther Event. We also got to bring a…

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In Conversation With Black Panther’s Winston Duke and Andy Serkis #BlackPantherEvent

I’m back with another interview and this one was fun as well. If you missed any of my previous interviews, be sure to check out the links below. Today’s interview is all about Winston Duke and Andy Serkis AKA “M’Baku” and “Ulysses Klaw”. We had a great conversation with them. Andy shares what it’s like to be on the “dark side” He shared that it was a lot of fun to dip into the dark side because it was a…

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Full Black Panther Global Press Conference Video + Highlights #BlackPantherEvent

It’s one thing to hear about and read the stories that go on at a press conference like the one for Black Panther. It’s another to not only be in the room but to be at the front of the room. Today I’ll be sharing my Black Panther Global Press Conference experience. I have the full video below. If you missed any of my previous Black Panther coverage posts, you can check out the links below, including interviews with members…

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7 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month on Good Morning Washington #GMW

I had the pleasure of heading back to the Good Morning Washington studio last week. While we teach our kids Black History all year long, we do understand the importance and significance of this month. So below are the tools and resources I shared recently on Good Morning Washington on some ways you can celebrate black history month. Full clip from Good Morning Washington Because of Them We can This 365-page full-color coffee table book celebrates black history with beautiful…

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Interview and Coco Experience with Anthony Gonzalez Voice of “Miguel” #CocoBluray

As I mentioned when sharing I was headed to LA for the Black Panther Event, we also had a special treat waiting for us. We got to sit down with Anthony Gonzalez, who plays the voice of Miguel in Disney Pixar’s Coco! It was such a fun, intimate gathering where we got to hear him sing, we ate authentic Mexican cuisine and did a roundtable interview. If you missed it while in theaters, don’t fret. Coco will be coming to…

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Bachelor Fans: Here’s the Inside Scoop with Chris Harrison #TheBachelorWinterGames

Calling all Bachelor Fans! Whether you watch the Bachelor, The Bachelorette, or both, this interview with Chris Harrison is for you! While in LA for the Black Panther premiere, we got to spend some time over at ABC Studios. During that time, we were able to see the first episode of The Bachelor Winter Games, a new spinoff airing Tuesday night and again on Thursday on ABC. We then got to sit down with Host, Chris Harrison himself, to get the…

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Chatting with Oscar Nominee Daniel Kaluuya and Letitia Wright #BlackPantherEvent

One.More.Week!!! That’s right, the moment we have all been waiting for happens in 7 days. Black Panther releases nationwide next Friday. Today, I’m sharing our interview with Daniel Kaluuya and Letitia Wright who play “W’Kabi” and “Shuri” respectively. This was such a fun interview, I truly enjoyed both of them. I’ve stated in my previous post my pride in seeing Daniel Kaluuya win. And if you didn’t know, he is the first actor of Ugandan origin to get nominated for an…

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Exclusive Forest Whitaker Interview: “Zuri” of Black Panther #BlackPantherEvent

It’s countdown to Black Panther time! All this week and next week, I’ll be taking you behind-the-scenes of our Black Panther Event in LA. Today, I’m sharing an exclusive Forest Whitaker interview we had the pleasure of conducting. An Academy Award, Golden Globe, and Emmy-winning actor, producer, and director, it was a true honor to sit in his presence! I didn’t think about it until I started writing this post. But it’s ironic that growing up, whenever I told people I was from…

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Inside Black Panther: Interview with Lupita Nyong’o and Danai Gurira #BlackPantherEvent

Nine more days. In nine days, Black Panther will be released in theaters across the nation. I shared my overall movie review in yesterday’s post. But today, we are going inside Black Panther with Lupita Nyong’o (“Nakia”) and Danai Gurira (“Okoye”). We had the pleasure of interviewing these beautiful and fierce ladies of Wakanda after the Global Press Junket while in LA. The conversation started by them sharing how connected they felt to these characters. With Lupita being of Kenyan…

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Marvel’s Black Panther Movie Review (No Spoilers) #BlackPantherEvent

We are exactly ten days out from the official release of Marvel’s Black Panther. And unless you’ve been living on another planet, then you know how big this is. So today, I’ll be sharing my personal Black Panther movie review. But don’t worry: I won’t give any spoilers. Mostly because I really want you to go out and see it for yourself. It is that GOOD! Did I mention Black Panther is out in exactly TEN days from now? If…

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My Black Panther World Premiere Red Carpet Experience #BlackPantherEvent

Fresh off my flight from LA and my mind has been racing trying to relive and take in my experience from Monday. As you know, I spent the last several days in LA to cover the world premiere of Marvel’s Black Panther. In the coming days and weeks, I’ll be sharing more details about the films, interviews and other exciting things we got to experience. But today? Today is allll about my red (or should I say, purple) carpet experience.…

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