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Motivational Monday

your dreams vs your kids dreams

What are Your Dreams for Your Kids?

Every parent wants more and better for their children than what they had growing up. Either financially, making sure they have more options, and/or make better choices. But do we ever impose our own dreams on our kids? And…

Blacks in animation

Blacks in Animation & the Wonderful World of Disney

With all the Disney fairy dust on the site of late, and this being Black History Month, I want to take the opportunity to introduce you to one of Disney’s long time animators. Floyd Norman was the first African-American to…

Newlyweds when are you having a baby

So Newlyweds – When Are You Having a Baby?

I just came across a picture on Instagram of a newlywed couple showing off their new puppy and stating in the caption that it would subdue the having a baby question for a bit. And it got me thinking,…

Mom-cation, mom getaway

Making Your Mom-cation a Success This Weekend

We’ve previously discussed family weekend getaways here on the blog. However, today it’s all about you mom. Yes – that’s right, you’re well deserving of a mom-cation. If you’ve never been on one, you might think that it’s impossible…

Going through a miscarriage

Going Through a Miscarriage – What Moms Wish They Knew

I want to preface this article by stating I haven’t gone through this personally. But I know mothers that have. This post is the result of research I did as part of an assignment and I thought that it…

Expect the unexpected childbirth, baby

Oh baby! – Expecting the Unexpected in Childbirth

It was my third child, I knew how this was going to go… I’d get the epidural and BOOM, Baby No. 3! Easy, peasy. Yea, not so much… This is a short story in how to expect the unexpected,…

4 Steps to Making a Connection To The Man Of Your Dreams

Have you ever heard a woman say “I want to get married (again), but it’s hard to make a true connection to the man of your dreams”? That’s the conversation that I recently had with a group of progress…

Finding your true love

Finding Your True Love This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and people everywhere are celebrating the gift that is love. Love truly is a great emotion as it has the power to do wonderous things. Finding your true love is a journey a lot of…

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