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Motivational Monday

3 Valuable Life Lessons I Learned becoming an Instant Mom

instant mom

I was 28, single, and carefree then BAM – I became a mom in two hours and I was not even pregnant! It was a Friday afternoon, my phone rang and on the other end, it was a case worker from child protective services. She said, “hey Sharika, I know we talked two days ago about you possibly becoming a foster parent in the future, but I have a newborn ready to be released from the hospital right now.” Her…

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The Importance of Making Time for ME Time

Making time for me time

Ever found yourself caught up and busy? So busy that you forget to, or find that you don’t have time for the things that you enjoy doing. Your hobbies. Well that’s been me lately. I find that I get so easily distracted and caught with life basically that I simply blink and a whole week’s gone by. I used to spend the little “me time” I squeezed in here and there catching up on social media. But even that became…

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I’m BACK! The 2017 Ubiquitous Beauty, Hair & Health Expo + 48 Hour Discount Code

It’s official y’all! I am beyond thrilled to share that I’m headed back to the Washington DC Convention Center for the third year in a row as a Ubiquitous Blogger Ambassador! And I want you to join me at the 2017 Ubiquitous Beauty, Hair and Health Expo on August 26th & 27th. It has truly become one of my favorite events and I am so honored that they’ve invited me back. I t is not just another “hair show” or event to come…

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Happy (Work-From-Home) Mother’s Day: 6 Tips to Stay Professionally Connected

Work-from-home mom

Being a work-from-home-Mom is the embodiment of a jack of all trades; a mother, a doctor, an arbiter, a cook, and a working professional. Sometimes, in favor of more pressing matters, one’s own professional development and goals can fall by the wayside. This Mother’s Day, to complement the breakfast in bed and bouquet of your favorite flowers, do something to stay professionally “tuned up” and connected by implementing the following tips. Study Online: Enrolling in an online class or certification…

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Making Mother’s Day for Single Moms Special

Mother's Day for single moms

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, how are you planning on spending your special day? Being surprised with a special gift or dinner wouldn’t be too shabby. I know our kids also like to get crafty for the day, although I find with age, the crafts become less and less, lol. That’s ok though as older kids start to get creative with their allowance instead to show their love and appreciation. It’s really not about the gifts but knowing that all…

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A Day in the Life of Erica Campbell – A Mom on the Move

Erica Campbell

Erica Campbell recently shared on her Instagram a snippet of her “Day in the Life” segment featured on It shows how while making breakfast, she’s also giving her oldest daughter Krista vocal singing lessons/tips. I love seeing celebrities taking on and embracing their role as a mom. It’s often very different and far removed from the stage or scene life that they are known for. It’s kind of like behind the scenes footage. And truth be told, I love…

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6 Things You Must Have For a Super Fun #DisneyKids Preschool Play Date

This past weekend, I got to host a super cool and fun #DisneyKids Preschool playdate for my youngest and a few of her preschool friends, courtesy of Disney. I was chosen to host my first Disney Preschool Play date and it was awesome! My youngest is 5 so she just made the cut as this party caters to pre-school aged children between the ages of 2 and 5 years of age. The Mystery Package We had no clue what we…

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The Modern Mom Demystified & Kelly Rowland’s Exciting News

Kelly Rowland Modern mom

Scrolling through my Instagram feed, as one does, I saw that Kelly Rowland started a YouTube channel for the modern mom. What you may not know about me is that I LOVE YouTube. Not just for tutorials and information. But for entertainment. Not those sometimes gross, sometimes funny, viral videos. But vlogs, house tours, tag-videos, haul videos, “clean-with-me” videos (sounds weird, but oddly entertaining, lol), and of course make-up and hair tutorials. It’s pretty much replaced TV for me. So when…

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Best Ways to Show Your Teachers Appreciation this May

Teacher Appreciation May Day

Happy May!! Can you believe that half the year is almost gone?!! Crazy shocking. I was noticing on Instagram the past couple of days that there were a number of Justin Timberlake memes regarding May. And I “may” just be slow, but for the longest, I didn’t get it. I was like “what? Is he releasing something new in May?” LOL. And then I saw the meme below and burst out laughing, cause I finally got it, lol. Random, I…

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Help Save Pandas this Weekend with Disney

Born in China save pandas

I’m sure you’ve heard about Earth Day happening tomorrow, but do you know what exactly we’re observing? April 22 actually marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. Over the years it’s become more popular and observed worldwide. This year Disney commemorates the day by releasing their new Disneynature True Life Adventure movie, Born in China. As an extra incentive to take your family to the movies this weekend, Disneynature, via the Disney Worldwide Conservation…

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It’s Tax Day – Get Your Money Right

Taxes money finance

Today is Tax Day which means if you haven’t filed your taxes yet, you might want to put a rush on it. I’m sure most have not only filed but also got their return back. But in light of tax day, I wanted to briefly touch on the topic of money. Not only is finance the corporate world I dwell in, but it’s a subject I’ve always been passionate about. Funny enough, growing up in an African household money was rarely…

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He Died That You May Live, But Are You Truly Living?

Live life to the fullest motivation

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! He is risen!! It gets me every year. The amazing grace and love of Christ that He died for me. I know we all enjoy time with family and friends, and of course the abundance of food. (Don’t let my small figure fool you. I LOVE me some food, and I can eat, lol). But Easter is of course truly about remembering the life of Jesus. LIVE Your Life Realizing that He died…

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