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Motivational Monday

3 Easy Ways to Make Business Connections as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Business Conncections

A conversation I had the other day with an entrepreneur reminded me of the importance to surround yourself with like-minded people. Actually, scratch that, surround yourself with the kind of people that inspire you to be and do better. The fact that you’re the average of the 5 people you hang around the most should say something about the company we keep and connections we won’t make. It literally was a breath of fresh air to engage with enthusiasm and…

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Don’t Hesitate – Embark on Your Journey of Success

journey of success

On August 29, married couple Codie Elaine Oliver and Tommy Oliver debut their docu-series on OWN about love and relationships titled, Black Love. If you haven’t had a chance to see it, I highly recommend you do. Regardless of your relationship status, this show is inspiring as it shows and tells the stories of “picture-perfect” African-American couples that actually aren’t that perfect. (shocking right?) This isn’t about rejoicing over other people’s test and trials, but attempting to answer the question…

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The Most Overlooked Fitness Hack for Busy Moms

walking fitness hack

“Whose body is this?” is how so many of us feel after being inducted into the mommy club. Of course, we love our children. And, yes we are more than the shells that carry us around. However, we can value ourselves as who we are at the core and still care about how we look and feel. We are not our bodies, but we live in them every day. So feeling and looking good isn’t vain. It is a tool,…

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7 Pieces of Workout Equipment that Deliver a Gym Quality Workout at Home

Home gym equipment

A gym membership can be nice but it isn’t a necessity to get healthy and stay fit. For most moms, the main obstacle to consistent workouts is a lack of time. When you consider how much time we spend commuting to the gym, home workouts are an attractive time-saving solution. Most moms think that a home workout will inevitably be a watered down version of their gym routine. What many of us don’t realize is that you can get a…

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The Walt Disney Signature Collection Welcomes The Lion King now on Blu-ray and Digital HD #LionKing #D23Expo

Psssssst….do y’all know what’s happening today?! I’ll give you a hint: The Lion King joins the Walt Disney Signature Collection on Blu-ray! Ok, so that was more than a hint, but… via GIPHY If you recall, I recently shared some behind-the-scenes info on The Lion King panel we got to experience during the D23 Expo. We now watch just about all of our movies on Digital HD. So thanks to our friends at Disney, we’ve been enjoying the Digital release of…

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Why Your Purpose is About How You Serve Others

purpose serve others

I’m currently reading a book where I read that generally, the kind of work that God has called you to do is a) something you need to (love to) do, and b) something the world needs to have done. I love this definition of your purpose because it goes beyond the common definition of purpose which simply says “It’s something you love to do.” Adding that the world needs to have it done relates the fact that our purpose was…

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Nobody’s Normal: 5 Au-mazing Points from Netflix’s Atypical

Atypical Netflix original series

Nobody’s normal!! I wish the rest of the world would get THIS memo LOUD and CLEAR. I’m breaking down 5 au-mazing points from the first episode of the newly released series on Netflix called “Atypical”. Sam, is a young man living with Autism on this show. I FREAKING LOVED this first episode as it goes hand in hand with my best seller, “Au-Mazing Gift: A Journey to Autism Acceptance”. I loved that it gave factual information about Autism, as well…

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Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 Now on Blu-ray with Tons of Special Bonus Features #GotGVol2 #D23Expo

Yesterday was all about the Solar Eclipse, which was pretty amazing to watch. Did you see it? My kids and I enjoyed the galactical-like experience. For just a few minutes, it felt like we were on another planet. But today is all about the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 on Blu-ray™. And this release, including all of the fun bonus features is almost like reliving the solar eclipse experience. Just watch Baby Groot. About Guardians of the…

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How to Find Your Side Hustle Passion

side hustle passion

Talking with a friend today we were discussing that knowing there is a need for a side hustle to become richer (financially and otherwise) and knowing what that side hustle is, are two very different challenges to work out. Most would agree that a 9-5 will not make you rich because that’s just how the system works. There are salary caps for a reason. It’s all cleverly worked out. Trust me. However, if you do earn a lucrative 6-figures, you’re…

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How the “Flower Technique” Can Help Your Self-Care Journey

flower technique self care

I’m a wife. A mom. A business owner. A doctoral student. A member of the praise team. The lead counselor at my church’s counseling ministry. A daughter. A friend. And a woman. Needless to say, I have a lot of responsibility which pulls me in multiple directions. However, using what I call the “flower technique” helps me practice self-care. As a therapist, it’s easy for me to throw around the phrase “practice self-care” and to harp on how important it…

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Chatting it up with the Girls of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 on Blu-ray 8/22! #D23Expo #GotGVol2

Where are all of my Guardians of the Galaxy fans?! Have you seen Volume 2 yet? If not, I’ve got a treat for you that will hopefully get you excited to go out and grab your digital or Blu-ray copy. When I told you that D23 Expo was filled with all types of pixie dust magic, I was definitely not exaggerating! Shortly after our minds were blown away by the surprise real-life super heroes during the live action panel, we…

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Sharing Your Failures is Good for Business

Failures are good

The other day on social media I saw something about being open about your failures. Not only be open but that the masses NEED to know about our failures. The post stood out to me cause it was different, for one. And secondly, I personally like to know about entrepreneurs failures because it helps me relate. It humanizes the brand and individual. And yes, we’re talking about our business related failures here. For the personal, gossipy kind, I will have…

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