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Motivational Monday

5 Reasons to Get Excited About Black Panther Movie 2.16.18 #BlackPanther

With all that is going on in the world these days, sometimes you just need to break away and enjoy a good pick-me-up. And that’s exactly what I got when I opened up my e-mail to see this new Black Panther movie trailer and poster. Over the summer when I got to attend D23 Expo, we got to see some of the Black Panther costumes up close and personal. The details on these things are incredible. I may have to do…

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Autism Mom Motivation: 3 Survival Tools to Face your Fears

Autism Fears

Your child has been diagnosed with being on the Autism Spectrum, now what?!? There is no manual and you are stuck in the middle of an ocean (one of my biggest fears), without a life jacket or manual on what to do. You are left with a gazillion questions. Now left in the water, it’s up to you to face your fears and choose to sink or swim.  Most of us know we have to face our fears and choose to swim,  but…

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How to Successfully Juggle Your Family and Career

Juggling career and family like a boss

This post is a collaboration and contributed by Julie Bennet There are more and more moms out there who are managing successful careers while having a family, but that doesn’t mean it’s getting easier. Being able to do a good job at home and at the office requires balance, and there will be some days when you’ll feel like you’re failing in both areas of your life. Having both a career and a family requires some careful planning and skill,…

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Moms: The Secret to Dating Your Daughter

Dating your daughter mother-daughter quality time

As a mother of three girls, I know firsthand the joys and challenges of learning to parent three little people who each have three very different personalities and three varying perspectives on the world around them. That is why I started making a conscious effort to date my babies as much as I can. With the rise in daddy/daughter dances and mommy/son soirees, it may be difficult to fathom the idea of mommies dating their daughters. However, as you rear…

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Is Your Family’s After-School Snack Eating Out of Control? Here’s How to Stop That Now!

after school snack unhealthy eating

Does this after-school scene sound familiar? Everyone comes in the door and you immediately hear, “mom, can I have a snack”. You agree. The snack suggestions start. Then, after saying no to three suggestions, you finally agree to the last one- even though it wasn’t ideal. Just like clockwork, more snack requests come minutes after the first. Before you know it, your kids have inhaled all of the chips, cookies, and popsicles that were supposed to be enjoyed on occasion.…

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5 Reasons The Good Doctor on ABC Hooked Me

The Good Doctor ABC tv show autism

All summer, the trailer to The Good Doctor on ABC (a show about a young surgeon with Autism and Savant Syndrome) was shown, on the television, on billboards… and even plastered on the huge busses in New York City! Each time I saw it, the hairs on my arms would raise As the days draw nearer, excitement grew and GREW.  One week before, I blast it ALL over my social media reminding EVERYONE (specifically my Accept Autism Fest Facebook Group and other…

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How to Help Sooth your Child’s Fear of Doctor’s Visits

Doctor's office dentist fear

This post is a collaboration and contributed by Sandra Jones. We all love our kids and do everything to keep them healthy and happy. However, kids don’t think of this as a favor when you’re hauling them along to a doctor’s office. As children, it’s very likely you were also afraid of having to go to the doctor or dentist. Hospitals usually mean nothing good’s going on, and as a child, you don’t have the ability to differentiate from that. Following…

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Why Your Children Need To See Mommy & Daddy Kiss!

Did this title grab your attention? Great! Well now that I have your attention, allow me to explain why your children will benefit from your affection towards your spouse. No – I am not implying that you need to sit your kids down and first explain the birds and bees. And then next confess that mommy is the bird in the story that gets stung by daddy bee. (Honestly, I just made that up. I don’t even know the story of the birds…

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Action Plan for Putting an end to Your Child’s “I’m bored”

I'm Bored

I’m Bored! Moms: how many times have you heard this phrase uttered from your children’s mouth? And when you hear it, how many times does it make you cringe? Did you start to unravel and feel like you were going to lose it? Yep, that was me. Hearing the phrase: “I’m Bored” from my 5-year-old son and 6-year-old (soon to be 7-year-old) daughter is right up there with incessant whining for no reason. It’s like a rite of passage as…

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The Key Routines Every Busy Mom Needs to Make Getting Fit Feasible

Workout Routine

We recognize and appreciate the value of a routine to manage our children. But, do we leverage the power of routines for our own good? Specifically our desire to be a fit mom rather than a rundown mom. For most of us, the answer is no. Adopting a few key routines can help us get and stay fit without stuffing more into our already full schedule. Actually, we save the time spent making in-the-moment decisions about what to eat and…

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3 Easy Ways to Make Business Connections as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Business Conncections

A conversation I had the other day with an entrepreneur reminded me of the importance to surround yourself with like-minded people. Actually, scratch that, surround yourself with the kind of people that inspire you to be and do better. The fact that you’re the average of the 5 people you hang around the most should say something about the company we keep and connections we won’t make. It literally was a breath of fresh air to engage with enthusiasm and…

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Don’t Hesitate – Embark on Your Journey of Success

journey of success

On August 29, married couple Codie Elaine Oliver and Tommy Oliver debut their docu-series on OWN about love and relationships titled, Black Love. If you haven’t had a chance to see it, I highly recommend you do. Regardless of your relationship status, this show is inspiring as it shows and tells the stories of “picture-perfect” African-American couples that actually aren’t that perfect. (shocking right?) This isn’t about rejoicing over other people’s test and trials, but attempting to answer the question…

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