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Motivational Monday

Family Secrets & Disney’s New Movie “Coco”

Family Disney Pixar’s Coco Miguel

A popular video floating around YouTube is Ancestry DNA result videos. People from various backgrounds send their saliva samples for analyzation and find out, sometimes shocking results, of what their DNA reveals about their family history. I’m actually curious to take it myself, although I’m 99% sure that my results would be, should be, 100% Ugandan. That’s where both my parents were born and raised as well as their parent’s. However, I have seen other Africans find out there are…

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It Takes a Village…To Have a Mommy Break

getting a mommy break

You know the old African proverb “it takes a village to raise a child”? I would beckon to say that it also takes a village in order for moms to take a mommy break. That village includes a diverse cast of characters including husbands/partners, housekeepers, sitters/nannies, and even other moms! Let me explain. Husband/Partners: Feeling the freedom to take a mommy break starts with them. You need to feel their guiltless support of you taking time for yourself. Be it…

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The 3-Minute Healthy Breakfast the Whole Family Will Love

breakfast smoothie quick easy

It can be challenging to get a healthy breakfast as a busy woman on the go. Add a family to the mix and it feels like mission impossible. We may have intentions of egg white omelets with baby spinach and heirloom tomatoes and buckwheat pancakes. However, the demands of a busy morning often leave us serving Pop Tarts and orange juice to everyone. You know that the entire family would perform much better if you started the day with a…

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6 Summer Activities that the Whole Family will Enjoy

Family Summer activities

Summer is an amazingly fun season, but it can be tricky trying to balance the needs of multiple age groups with each of their opinions of what actually constitutes “summer fun.” Are you wondering how you can spend time as a family this summer and keep everyone happy? Well here are some activities that everyone will enjoy. 1. Go to a park I know you’ve taken the kids to the park a million and one times, but have you ever…

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Schools closed?! 3 ways for Autism Mamas to have Summer Success with Re-routes

School's Out - Summer Success autism parent

Schools are closed and you might be going “now what?!” Here come the re-routes (aka routine changes) for the summer. Summertime should be a fantastic time for most families. Well, it’s different for us Autism parents. We actually go into panic mode. WHY? I heard the frustration from one of my Autism moms that I coach as an Autism Communication Expert, “he spent the last 10 months learning a (structured) routine, that he finally got used to, then… school closes…

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[Video] New Wonder Woman Ride at Six Flags America #MyWonderWoman

One thing about me you may not know is that I am a huge fan of roller coasters. I don’t get to ride them as often as I used to, but when I do, it’s always a good time. So when Six Flags America invited my family and I to check out the new Wonder Woman ride which debuted on Tuesday, it was a no brainer! The deets on the ride: The hype around all things WONDER WOMAN couldn’t be any bigger and…

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How to Make Time for Workouts Without Disrupting the Family Schedule

time for workouts and family

Knowing that working out is great self-care doesn’t make extra time to do it magically appear. Self-care often competes with getting the kids off to school, meeting work deadlines, and making time for friends. And, if you are like many other busy moms, those priorities often collide. When they do, self-care is usually the first thing to slide off the schedule. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can make time for regular workouts without disrupting the family…

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Mom – If Your Child Loves Baking They’ll Love This

Kid's Baking Championship

This past winter me and my boys plopped down in front of the TV every Monday to watch Kid’s Baking Championship on Food Network. One of my boys just so happens to be into cooking and so seeing kids his age bake wonders was something that he truly enjoyed. The show’s 3rd season had 12 contestants that participated in various bake-off challenges. Each episode also had a theme to which the baking had to relate. My boys also liked how…

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Help! I Need Love: 4 Reasons to Watch New Show for Single Moms on ABC Hosted by Paul C. Brunson

Hey y’all! I am absolutely thrilled to share this news with you! If you’ve missed my posts all over social media, then you’ve missed the news about a new show for single moms coming to ABC THIS Saturday night! And what I’m truly excited about is that my bro, Paul C. Brunson is hosting this show. While Paul is well-known for being the first black matchmaker (and darn good and what he does), he is so much more than that!…

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Every kid deserves to attend a concert without fear

Ariana Grande concert manchester

As news broke out about the bombing in Manchester after Ariana Grande’s concert I was so saddened and, let’s be honest, pissed off that someone can be so cruel to target KIDS who just wanted to have a good time watching their favorite singer perform. My thoughts brought me back to my first concert at the age of 10. The Concert of a Lifetime The day was July 18, 1992. The parent who agreed to take me was my dad. And…

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3 Valuable Life Lessons I Learned becoming an Instant Mom

instant mom

I was 28, single, and carefree then BAM – I became a mom in two hours and I was not even pregnant! It was a Friday afternoon, my phone rang and on the other end, it was a case worker from child protective services. She said, “hey Sharika, I know we talked two days ago about you possibly becoming a foster parent in the future, but I have a newborn ready to be released from the hospital right now.” Her…

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The Importance of Making Time for ME Time

Making time for me time

Ever found yourself caught up and busy? So busy that you forget to, or find that you don’t have time for the things that you enjoy doing. Your hobbies. Well that’s been me lately. I find that I get so easily distracted and caught with life basically that I simply blink and a whole week’s gone by. I used to spend the little “me time” I squeezed in here and there catching up on social media. But even that became…

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