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  • Love Jones Black Love

    Celebrating Black Love with Love Jones

    With Love Jones 20-year anniversary yesterday, we’re celebrating Black Love and what it means to black families everywhere. First off, can we take a minute to appreciate how awesome this classic…

  • love pays dividends

    Love Pays Dividends So Make Sure to Deposit

    Love pays dividends big time when you are a giver. This weekend was uber busy for me! I took a 2 day road trip round trip that was exhausting but rewarding.…

  • #foreverduncan love story

    #ForeverDuncan is the Love Story of the Year

    If you haven’t already, I’m going to need everyone to check out #ForeverDuncan on social media – AFTER you finish reading this of course, lol. To sum it up, Alfred Duncan…

  • black husband

    Open Apology to My Black Husband

    To my beautiful, strong, BLACK HUSBAND! I want to first start off with an apology. I am publicly apologizing for not respecting you when you deserve my respect and so much, more.…

  • Make The Most Of The Time You Have

    Make The Most Of The Time You Have

    Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.  Psalm 90:12 NIV To say I’m stunned is an understatement – I’m heartbroken. Late last night I…

  • Husband is anti social media

    My Husband Is Anti Social Media!

    Yes, my husband is very anti-social. But I don’t mean that he doesn’t talk because he is very talkative to both friends and strangers alike. However, when it comes to social…

  • struggles added value marriage relationship

    Struggles Added Value To Our Relationship

    At no point in my life did I ever think struggles added value to anything. Being married for 14 years is not the easiest activity to participate in. I acknowledge that…

  • Marriage happiness wife husband

    Is Happy Wife, Happy Life A Myth?

    Being a mom and a wife is truly an honor that I don’t take for granted. The truth is it can be difficult to manage all the responsibilities that come with…

  • love never fails lasting long marriage

    How To Ensure Your Love Never Fails

    Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and the thrifty among us shopped for bargains we can use next year. Yes, the holiday is over, but what can we do to…

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