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Motivational Monday

STOP limiting yourself, Autism mama

stop limiting yourself autism mama

Autism mama, are you limiting yourself, by creating excuses that prevents you from living your most “au-mazing” life? Do you get so caught up with care, therapies, special foods, doctors’ appointments and so much more for your au-mazing child that you forget your own dreams? If you think that you are limiting yourself or your child with Autism, because of what you have continuously heard from others or even with your own limiting beliefs (I call them excuses). Then it’s time…

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Can You Successfully Raise a Child With 2 Religions?

raising a child different religion

As you may have seen or heard, Janet Jackson is leaving her husband after 5 years of marriage, and merely months after giving birth to the couple’s only child, son Eissa. Although no one truly knows why, as the couple has managed to remain pretty private and out of the limelight. Some sources believe that a difference of opinion on how to raise their son, in particular, religious differences, triggered the split. Embed from Getty Images Mixing Different Raising a…

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Stop Doubting Who You Are and Find Your Identity in Christ

Live life to the fullest motivation

Last week I shared how I’m on a journey of finding my identity in Christ. If you missed my profound first lesson, read all about it here. Seeing as this is something I pray about, I get revelations from time to time and thought I’d share them with you here. It’s Not About You The second thing that I felt the Lord tell me was to stop making everything about me. Let me explain. I’m not conceded at all, like…

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Brandi And Karli Harvey Talk Style, Inspiration & Taking DDA Global #ddaDisney

One of the things that I really enjoy about the Disney Dreamers Academy is the fact that they really focus on sisterhood and manhood. They take the time to separate the female Dreamers from the male Dreamers so they can get real and open with them. While at DDA, I had the pleasure of chatting it up with Brandi Harvey and Karli Harvey-Raymond, the dynamic twin daughters of Steve Harvey (whom I got to hang out with last week at…

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The Interesting Thing I Learned from DJ Khaled on Parenting

DJ Khaled parenting Asahd

Here at Moms N Charge we love and appreciate the awesome fathers out there and for a brief moment, I just want to share a lesson from none other than DJ Khaled. That’s correct, Mr. Khaled himself. If you haven’t seen him with his son all over social media, you’ve missed seeing a man in total awe of his only son. I know there are countless fathers out there like Khaled, but seeing this love story unfold is just too…

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Finally! Julia Turns the Light ON for Autism on Sesame Street

Autism Awareness

Finally! Julia turns the light on for Autism in April. Many Autism mommies watched in anticipation Sunday, March 19th, as CBS’s 60 minutes introduce the world to “Sesame Street’s” Julia, the first Muppet character living with Autism. Au-mazing Gift As a mom to my own “au-mazing” gift Zachary, who was diagnosed with being on the Autism Spectrum around the age of 3. Having over 20 years assisting, training and educating families with children living with Autism and other special needs…

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Be A strong Black Woman – Don’t Be Easily Intimidated

Strong Black Woman

You may have caught wind of social media being in an uproar with the hashtag #BlackWomenAtWork trending after Maxine Waters was publicly criticized by Bill O’Reilly. Her response? “I am a strong black woman and I cannot be intimidated.” Seeing her confidence was so encouraging and left me with the permission to be confident, regardless of ANYONE’S opinion. If you missed what I’m referring to, catch the synopsis in the video below. It’s Not Only About You I recently shared…

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What About Your Friends? The Importance of Maintaining Friendships


I’m sure many of you like me, tuned in every week to watch The Fresh Prince of Bel Air back when it was on the air (non-syndicated). And also like me, seeing the cast all together never fails to put a smile on your face as it reminds you of the many laughs the show brought us. Well the latest time the Fresh Prince cast got together was captured on “Carlton’s” aka Alfonso Ribeiro’s Instagram. It was a joy to…

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Journey to Finding Your Identity in Christ

Live life to the fullest motivation

Since I was young I’ve battled with a low self-esteem. Nothing that anybody would perhaps notice or point out, but as I’ve gotten older I know it’s definitely affected aspects of my life and how I’ve subsequently handled certain things. At this point in my life, at 35 years old and mother of 4, I figured it was time to put an end to this nonsense once and for all. So after a moment of asking the Lord to show…

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Will Buying a Dog Teach Your Child Responsibility?

children responsibility dog

Yesterday, March 23 was national puppy day and my timeline was flooded with everyone’s 4-legged best friend. It’s funny because as a kid I yearned for a dog so bad, but now?? Lol, you’d probably have to pay me to take one on. I remember bugging my mom constantly for a dog, but she was adamant about not ever buying any pets period, lol. Growing up in Uganda, my mom was (and still is) of the school of thought that…

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#TBT + 4 Reasons You Can’t Afford to Miss the Act Like A Success Conference #ALAS2017

Hey y’all!!! So apparently Spring has sprung. But the way all the trashcans were gone with the wind in the neighborhood yesterday, you would have never known it in the DMV. So I am actually quite excited to be heading down south next week to Atlanta! Heading to Act Like A Success 2017! I’m headed to the third annual Act Like A Success Conference! I’ve had the pleasure of being at this event since the beginning. And I must say: it seriously…

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Dreamers Dream. Meet 4 Inspiring Teens From Disney Dreamers Academy #ddaDisney

Almost three weeks later and I am still on a high from the 10th Annual Disney Dreamers Academy that took place in Walt Disney World! Over the coming weeks, I will continue to share insights and interviews experienced during the course of this magical weekend. If you missed my previous posts, you can check them out here, here and here. This post will focus on 4 inspiring teens that I got to chat one-on-one with at the Disney Dreamers Academy.…

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