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Motivational Monday

#TBT + 4 Reasons You Can’t Afford to Miss the Act Like A Success Conference #ALAS2017

Hey y’all!!! So apparently Spring has sprung. But the way all the trashcans were gone with the wind in the neighborhood yesterday, you would have never known it in the DMV. So I am actually quite excited to be heading down south next week to Atlanta! Heading to Act Like A Success 2017! I’m headed to the third annual Act Like A Success Conference! I’ve had the pleasure of being at this event since the beginning. And I must say: it seriously…

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Dreamers Dream. Meet 4 Inspiring Teens From Disney Dreamers Academy #ddaDisney

Almost three weeks later and I am still on a high from the 10th Annual Disney Dreamers Academy that took place in Walt Disney World! Over the coming weeks, I will continue to share insights and interviews experienced during the course of this magical weekend. If you missed my previous posts, you can check them out here, here and here. This post will focus on 4 inspiring teens that I got to chat one-on-one with at the Disney Dreamers Academy.…

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Embarrassed by your child? What do you do?

Embarrassed by your kids

Spring is here! Finally! Hoping the new season and coming end of the first quarter is putting a smile on year face. Today’s 60 degree weather certainly put a smile on mine, lol. Springtime is also when we start paying attention to what’s going on in our backyards in hopes that we can get it pretty and ready for the summer cookouts and outdoor playdates. For the dad in the video below, the discussion of weeds growing in his backyard…

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How to End Your Pity Party Once and For All

Live life to the fullest motivation

I’ve always considered myself as a glass-half-full kinda gal, but at times the vision gets blurred, the devil’s lies become believable and life kinda looks like it sucks. When I start feeling that way I beat myself up for feeling like that, which makes it even worse, lol. One of my pastors said it’s ok to have a pity party once in a while, the danger is camping there and making that party a lifestyle. Power of Gratitude So many…

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You Are a Dreamer! Empowering Words from Princeton Parker to Disney Dreamers Class of 2017 #ddaDisney

One thing that I’ve mentioned to people about the Disney Dreamers Academy is that this event is just as much for the adults and all others attending (whether it be media, guests, etc.) as it is for the students selected to participate. So when Princeton Parker opened up the official kickoff ceremony with his (what I call) “You Are a Dreamer” speech, I leaned in. I took notes and I listened back to his words even after the event. Princeton…

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Beauty & The Beast Sneak Peek + FREE Coloring Sheets #BeOurGuest

If you’re a Disney fan (and you should be…or else, how are we friends?) then you know about the buzz. The Beauty and the Beast buzz that’s been going around. I feel like we’ve been waiting for-ev-errrr! But guess what?! The wait is finally (almost) over! Beauty and the Best hits theaters everywhere this Friday March 17th! Earlier this evening, I got the opportunity to see an advance screening of the film. The theater is a good 45 min from my…

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Meet William Williams: Disney Dreamer 2017 Shares Two Words for His Childhood Bullies #ddaDisney

This is one memory from this past weekend at the Disney Dreamers Academy that I couldn’t wait to share! I finally saw this video surface on Steve Harvey’s Instagram page  (over 70K views in just three hours) and knew that I had to share it immediately here. I was so glued to every word that I didn’t shoot one photo or take any video during the event. Meet William Williams, now a 2017 Disney Dreamer Alumni. William has a dream…

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Celebrating Black Love with Love Jones

Love Jones Black Love

With Love Jones 20-year anniversary yesterday, we’re celebrating Black Love and what it means to black families everywhere. First off, can we take a minute to appreciate how awesome this classic movie is? It was the introduction for other classics like Brown Sugar and Love & Basketball. With reality TV being all the craze, depicting a somewhat dysfunctional love in my opinion, these classics are a breath of fresh air. Actual Love It’s important to be reminded that even though…

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10th Annual Disney Dreamers Academy – Event Recap #ddaDisney

Hopefully, by now you’ve had a chance to follow me on social media, as I shared some of the amazing experiences we got to witness. This past weekend, the 10th Annual Disney Dreamers Academy (DDA) kicked off. There is so much I’ll be writing about in the upcoming weeks and months. But for now, I wanted to give a quick(ish) recap of the weekend. We packed more in these four days than most people can pack in two weeks. And…

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How to Successfully be a Work-at-Home Parent

work-at-home parent

On Friday you may have seen the viral video below of professor Robert Kelly being interviewed live on BBC and his adorable children deciding to join him. I have to admit, I’ve watched it numerous times, but still crack up every time. Partially because I feel his slight embarrassment, although I’ve never been interviewed on BBC. Conference calls and a Huff Post Live segment will do as a close similarity, lol. And also in part, because his wive’s stealth moves are…

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Becoming the Fearless Girl You were Born to Be

Fearless Girl

On the eve of International Women’s Day a statue of a girl whose affectionately been dubbed the fearless girl, was erected on Wall Street. When I first saw and read about this I got so excited because, in such a male-dominated industry, the finance industry, isn’t exactly known for embracing feminism. In fact, a Morningstar study showed the following as reported by Bloomberg: “Less than 10% of all U.S. fund managers are women; women exclusively run about 2% of the…

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Easily help foster change this International Women’s Day

Women for a cause, International Women's Day

International Women’s Day is today and all over the world women will be celebrated for the many things they do, the many things WE do. The day has gotten more recognized over the years, but can you believe that it’s been around since 1911?! As sad as it is that women are still fighting for equality in 2017, I appreciate the fact that we’re still fighting. Days like today unites us in a way that transcends race and culture. Even…

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