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Motivational Monday

How to Finally Only Cook One Meal a Day Even When Family Isn’t On Board with Your Healthy Eating

Cook one simple meals

Creating a healthy eating habit hasn’t gotten easier as healthy food has become more accessible and affordable. However, it can feel like too much to even consider if your family isn’t on board with the change. Preparing two meals every night is enough to make even those with the best intentions waver on their commitment to healthy eating and eventually quit. So what do you do if your family isn’t on board? Many moms try to force or guilt their…

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How to Level Up Your Love Life & Win in the Dating Game

Today’s post it brought to you by Kaywanda Lamb. Kaywanda’s journey started when she was left to parent a 2-year-old and a 2-month-old alone. Holding her babies, crying and cooking dinner, she decided they would always have what they needed. After successfully raising her boys for 15 years, people began to ask how she did it. She began coaching single moms in the areas of parenting and purpose and dating confidence. She also hosts luxury brunches with a relationship panel portion filled…

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Get Ready! Disney, Marvel Studios & Lucasfilm Live Action Revealed #D23Expo

If you missed my Disney Pixar Animation recap from earlier, you have to be sure to check that out here. I’ll be giving you the rundown of everything I got to experience this past weekend at the D23 Expo in Los Angeles. My hope is that you’ll feel like you were sitting right next to me (and that you put it on your calendar for 2019). So let’s get into it! This was my favorite presentation because so many films…

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Complete Lineup of Upcoming Disney Pixar Animation & Exclusive News Shared at #D23Expo

I am fresh from LA after attending the D23 Expo. I shared last week that I was one of 25 bloggers selected to attend this biennial event that brings together the ultimate Disney fans from around the world (this year people came from all 50 states and 33 countries). Disney Pixar Animation kicks us off with a bang! Over the next several weeks beginning today, I’ll be sharing all of the exclusive news and surprises that we experienced during this past…

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Beyonce & the fellow Black Hollywood Twin Moms You Didn’t Know About

Beyonce twin moms

Because I wake up at 5:30 in the morning, I was fast asleep when late last night Queen Bey set the internets ablaze with the first official picture of her now 1-month old twins, Sir and Rumi. I woke up this morning to just about everyone re-posting the now almost iconic picture. If someone knows the power their social media account, it sure is Beyonce. She’s utilized Instagram a fair bit during this pregnancy, ever since the equally iconic pregnancy…

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Using a Planner to Make the Rest of 2017 Great

use a planner make year great

July is certainly in full swing, and with that, the second half of 2017 is well under way. I’m not sure what your plans and goals were for this year, but basically, I’m here to tell you that it’s not too late. Trust and believe me when I say I know a thing or five about planning, but also about procrastination. That’s clearly got to change if I’m ever going to accomplish anything. I think I just love the idea…

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7 Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy While You Work Out

kids busy while workout

Trying to get in a workout when you have limited time away from your kids can seem impossible. If your time away from the kids is already spoken for- like that is the time you work or help out with the community, you may feel like you will just need to start working out when the kids grow up. Not so fast. Self-care is a non-negotiable for moms. We already know how miserable we feel when our needs aren’t being…

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3 Slayworthy Swimsuits for Moms to Look and Feel Good in #FLYMomMe

Something you may not know about me: I used to love swimming. Like, really looooove it! I grew up in the water 💦 As soon as the pools opened until they closed, that’s pretty much where you could find me during the summer months as a kid. I joined my community swim team and it was one of my happy places as a kid. Love for swimming I love that my kids embrace the water as much as I did and are getting…

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I’m Heading to D23 Expo, the Ultimate Magical Disney Fan Experience! #D23Expo

Hey guys! There are several reasons I’m thrilled about sharing this news. If you follow me on social media (which you really should, by the way), you already saw me share this news. So let me get right to the details. What is D23 Expo? From Thursday, July 13th – Sunday, July 16th, this Disney fan event will which bring together all the worlds of Disney under one roof for three jam packed days full of: presentations pavilions experiences concerts sneak peeks shopping…

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4 Simple Ways to Save Big Bucks On Baby Clothes

Save on baby clothes

When you’re anticipating the arrival of a sweet little bundle of joy, it’s easy for spending to get out of control. Moms-to-be, family, and friends often channel their excitement into purchasing all sorts of things for the brand-new baby. A simple way to keep all of this spending under control is by planning ahead to focus on the essentials.  Here are 4 simple steps to help you do exactly that! 1. Figure Out What Is Truly Necessary For Your Baby…

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Quick Bodyweight Workout for Busy Moms


We all have those days when the workout needs to happen in just a few minutes- in the living- room or not at all. Unfortunately, in those cases, most of us skip the workout. One missed workout isn’t the end of the world. However, you know how easy it is for a skipped workout to end up being a week or month of inactivity. We can’t let that happen. You know how hard it is to gain momentum and get…

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Finding The Motivation You Need

use a planner make year great

It’s time for another motivational Monday. I know it’s been a good minute, but I wasn’t feeling very motivated and was in desperate need for some motivation myself. Some say motivation (inspiration) is for amateurs because the rest simply get up and get to work. However, I’m not all too convinced about that. I mean, how can you give what you don’t have? Doesn’t a vessel need to be filled before it can serve? Life Happens Nonetheless, as much as life…

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