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Motivational Monday

Why Your Purpose is About How You Serve Others

purpose serve others

I’m currently reading a book where I read that generally, the kind of work that God has called you to do is a) something you need to (love to) do, and b) something the world needs to have done. I love this definition of your purpose because it goes beyond the common definition of purpose which simply says “It’s something you love to do.” Adding that the world needs to have it done relates the fact that our purpose was…

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Nobody’s Normal: 5 Au-mazing Points from Netflix’s Atypical

Atypical Netflix original series

Nobody’s normal!! I wish the rest of the world would get THIS memo LOUD and CLEAR. I’m breaking down 5 au-mazing points from the first episode of the newly released series on Netflix called “Atypical”. Sam, is a young man living with Autism on this show. I FREAKING LOVED this first episode as it goes hand in hand with my best seller, “Au-Mazing Gift: A Journey to Autism Acceptance”. I loved that it gave factual information about Autism, as well…

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Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 Now on Blu-ray with Tons of Special Bonus Features #GotGVol2 #D23Expo

Yesterday was all about the Solar Eclipse, which was pretty amazing to watch. Did you see it? My kids and I enjoyed the galactical-like experience. For just a few minutes, it felt like we were on another planet. But today is all about the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 on Blu-ray™. And this release, including all of the fun bonus features is almost like reliving the solar eclipse experience. Just watch Baby Groot. About Guardians of the…

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How to Find Your Side Hustle Passion

side hustle passion

Talking with a friend today we were discussing that knowing there is a need for a side hustle to become richer (financially and otherwise) and knowing what that side hustle is, are two very different challenges to work out. Most would agree that a 9-5 will not make you rich because that’s just how the system works. There are salary caps for a reason. It’s all cleverly worked out. Trust me. However, if you do earn a lucrative 6-figures, you’re…

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How the “Flower Technique” Can Help Your Self-Care Journey

flower technique self care

I’m a wife. A mom. A business owner. A doctoral student. A member of the praise team. The lead counselor at my church’s counseling ministry. A daughter. A friend. And a woman. Needless to say, I have a lot of responsibility which pulls me in multiple directions. However, using what I call the “flower technique” helps me practice self-care. As a therapist, it’s easy for me to throw around the phrase “practice self-care” and to harp on how important it…

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Chatting it up with the Girls of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 on Blu-ray 8/22! #D23Expo #GotGVol2

Where are all of my Guardians of the Galaxy fans?! Have you seen Volume 2 yet? If not, I’ve got a treat for you that will hopefully get you excited to go out and grab your digital or Blu-ray copy. When I told you that D23 Expo was filled with all types of pixie dust magic, I was definitely not exaggerating! Shortly after our minds were blown away by the surprise real-life super heroes during the live action panel, we…

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Sharing Your Failures is Good for Business

Failures are good

The other day on social media I saw something about being open about your failures. Not only be open but that the masses NEED to know about our failures. The post stood out to me cause it was different, for one. And secondly, I personally like to know about entrepreneurs failures because it helps me relate. It humanizes the brand and individual. And yes, we’re talking about our business related failures here. For the personal, gossipy kind, I will have…

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5 Fun Facts About the Lion King You May Not Know #D23Expo #LionKing

Hey guys! I’m back with some more inside scoop and goodness from the D23Expo last month!!! Seriously, we had so many amazing experiences I can probably write about them until the end of the year. But today, I’m going to share our experience we had with the Lion King panel we got to see! If you’re anything like me, you love the Lion King movie as much as I do. And while we learned at the expo that they are…

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Exactly Why Healthy Foods May Be the Reason for Your Unexplained Weight Gain

Healthy Foods Gaining weight

You’ve decided to get serious about your health. So, you swap out your junk food for healthy food alternatives and you GAIN WEIGHT?! You are confused. You have questions. And, you are seriously considering going back to your normal way of eating. After all, making changes to gain weight is not what you signed up for. The big misconception is that eating healthy is enough to prevent weight gain – maybe even produce weight loss. In reality, there are tons…

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Duck Tales Woo-oo! Series Premiere 8.12 + Exclusive Sneak Peeks #DuckTales

Y’all know I shared recently that Duck Tales is back!!! Well, tomorrow is the day. And I have some more inside info to get you even more excited. While at #D23Expo last month, we got to chat it up with Executive Producer, Matt Youngberg (right) and Co-Producer/Story Editor, Francisco Angones (left). Here is what you’ll see during the premiere episode that airs tomorrow, August 12th. Scrooge McDuck has met the kids, brought them into the adventuring hold. The second part of…

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10 Parenting Hacks to Make Life Just a Little Bit Easier #GMW

It’s always a good time when I’m on the set of Good Morning Washington! My last segment was for Black History Month, and how to celebrate it all year long. So I was happy to be invited back to share these 10 useful parenting hacks. Check them out below as well as the replay in case you missed it. I got to spend the whole day with my youngest as she was my co-host for the segment, and then tagged…

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Steve Harvey’s Funderdome Show Contestant Shares Her Story

Funderdome show contestant

In case you didn’t know, Steve Harvey is switching things up from his Emmy Award Winning “Steve Harvey Show” and closing the chapter on Emmy Award winning show. However, not to worry as, you can now catch him hosting his new show “Steve Harvey’s Funderdome“. This show is mixes game show fun with Shark Tank like pitching with 2 entrepreneurs going up against each other hoping to win the audience’s vote for funding. Watch it every Sunday on ABC at…

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